Diamond White Veil with Lace Trim

Last night I spoke with Melanie from Texas.  She was looking for a diamond white veil with lace trim and was having a hard time finding anything.  We talked for quite a while starting off with the weather (a subject we all love) and about our children and then about her daughter’s First Holy Communion Dress and the veil she wanted to match it.  She said her dress was simple but elegant and she would like a veil with a satin edge.  She wanted to know if this was a popular style and I told her it was and then she asked me if I would recommend it to match her dress.  I told her it would look fine as satin is always nice but asked her would she like a lace look.  She said she loves lace but thought that with a plain dress lace would look out of place.  I told her with a plain dress that is the perfect time to be able to use lace because she would not be clashing with any trim on her dress and the lace would look lovely.  She chose a very delicate ivory flower headpiece with the lace trim and she is very excited now and looking forward to her little girl wearing it.  Lace trimmed veils are beautiful. You just have to be careful if the dress has lace so the  veil trim doesn’t conflict with the dress.  But a plain dress is the perfect time to dress up your veil with a wonderful lace edge.   This looks beautiful in the First Holy Communion photograph, so delicate and pretty.

Pretty Scalloped Lace Edge


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