Communion Veil with Bow

Communion Veil with Bow …  I know some people love bows and some people do not.  So here at Lace and Grace Veils you can have your Communion Veil with Bow or without.  I have four bows available and they can be put on a veil on  comb or they can be added to a headpiece or a headpiece with a veil.  I have satin bows in 1 1/2″ width with long streamers and I have a satin bow in a 1″ width with long streamers.  This bow looks very pretty with the satin edge or with the satin/organza edge or it even dresses up the veil that has no edge.  You can also choose a bow of satin/organza in either 1 1/2″ or 1″.  This bow looks very pretty with the satin edges on the veil or the satin/organza edge also and again on the veil with no edge. 


This picture above shows a simple veil on comb with a clear organza trim on comb and a 1 1/2″ satin bow.  This bow also has crystal and pearl sprays hanging from it.  The satin bow looks very pretty with any dress that is made with satin and it is so “little girl”.  After all, this is the time to wear a pretty bow.  Once the girls grow up, they don’t want to wear bows so now is the time.  Each bow has long, 12″ streamers on it, but these can always be cut shorter if you wish. Just use a sharp scissor and if you dont have one, take it to the cleaners to have them cut it.  Or if you know you want shorter tails on the bow, just tell me, and I will send it with shorter tails.  Either way, long or short, its a pretty effect.




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