First Holy Communion Veil with Pearls and Satin Trim

First Holy Communion Veil with Pearls and Satin Trim …. Pearls and Satin for your beautiful little girl.  What could be nicer and pretty.  You can have a veil with satin trim on the edge and pearls on the veil itself.  Or you can have the pearls on the satin edge and include a pretty satin bow on the veil.  There are a lot of options that you can have.  Some people love the satin trim on the veil especially if the dress has a lot of satin on it.  And use can also use the satin trim to dress up a dress that is a little plain.  Also any of the First Holy Communion Dresses that have pearls on them especially look nice with this veil.  You can have this veil in either white or diamond white, which is a light ivory.  The pearls on the back of the veil give it a very dainty look and the little girl love them.  I have 1/4 inch satin trim or I have 1/2 inch satin trim which goes on the double layer veil.  The veils are nice and full.  All my veils are shipped in a box large enough so that they done arrive all wrinkled.  I also include a plastic bag to hang them in to keep them nice until you are ready to wear.  So if you want pearls and satin I have a beautiful handmade veil for you.

White Communion Veil with Lace Trim

 How about a retro First Holy White Communion Veil with Lace Trim for your little girl.  Lace trim looks beautiful on a veil especially with a plain dress.  This way you can “dress up” the dress with the veil and it is such a pretty look for a little girl.  As long as you dress doesn’t have any lace trim that would conflict with the lace trim on the veil then go for it.  It is a nice soft, pretty finish for the veil.  So many people are worried about using the lace, that it is not going to match, or look out of place because no one else has it.  Go for it, you will be glad you did, its beautiful.  You can go simple with a 1/4 inch scalloped trim lace or you can be a little more bold with a 1″ lace.  This also looks beautiful in your photos. Pair the lace trim with with a beautiful satin bow to finish off the veil.  You can use this veil by itself or it can be attached to a headpiece.  Either way it looks pretty. Don’t worry about what anyone else is using.  If you love the lace, then have it on your veil.  Sometimes people think they need lace on the dress to have lace on the veil.  Actually quite the contrary, a lace trimmed veil goes better with a plainer dress so one complements the other.