Veil with Butterflies

What this beautiful little girl wanted was a veil with butterflies.  Her mother said you probably don’t have that though and I said sure I do. If she wants butterflies on her veil, then that’s what she will have.  I was excited to make it for her and she was so happy to wear it.  It seemed as if she was in a garden and the butterflies just happened to land on her veil.  She didn’t want to wear gloves, but if she had I could have made the gloves with butterflies on the wrist.  This is what I like to do, make something special, make what you are thinking of but can’t find anywhere.  The veil she is wearing has a rolled edge.  However, the veil could have a satin edge, an organza edge or a lace edge.  This veil is 19 x 23 inches in length, but it could be made slightly shorter or just a little bit longer.  I also have girls who just want the veil to fall to their shoulders.  This veil is attached to a bun wrap. It can also be attached to a barrette or a comb if you don’t want to wear a headpiece.  Some girls are more comfortable with a barrette in their hair because that is what they are used to wearing.  The veil can also be attached to any other  headpiece.  So if you want a veil with butterflies, Lace and Grace Veils is the  place to come.  We do what you ask for.